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Gondvana Reisid is a tour operator with 10 years of experience. The company was founded in 1995 and it has been playing an important role in the field of tourism in Estonia ever since. Our company is not the biggest, but our trips and tours are of good quality.



The sign of quality shows definitely in the fact that people from more than 40 countries have chosen to travel with us. They come from Russia, America, Australia, Singapur, Germany, Finland, the UK etc. etc. etc. The reason (besides great service of course) is also that Estonian prices are very competitive and in many occasions it is cheaper to come here and buy a trip to - say Egypt - from Estonia than buy a package from London, Berlin or anywhere else. So there's something to think about!!!


We do not believe in visiting 17 countries in 7 days policy. Our round trips are comfortable, show you a lot, go deep into the culture and locations we visit, but still leave you time to enjoy and not rush around 24h per day. Where possible, we use different kind of transport (coaches, nightly trains, flights, ferries) to make the journey as comfortable and interesting as possible for you. When you travel, you have to enjoy it!



Gondvana Reisid is active in both fields: incoming and outgoing tourism. If you want to discover not only Estonia, but whole Baltics then you can do so easily with our coach tours and enjoy Lithuania, Latvia or also St. Petersburg, Moscow or other destinations. Should you represent a group then we consider your wishes, special requests (such as if you're a choir and want to meet another choir somewhere etc.) and desired optional visits dear and work out a schedule and special price that suits you.



We are also happy to work with tour operators and assisting them in organising groups to Estonia. We already have good partners in different countries and we offer a wide variety of thematic tours in our small country. Just indicate us what would be of interest to you and we will make you an offer that is too good to refuse.


Thank you for showing interest in our company and we hope to meet you in one of our trips. We assure you that satisfaction is guaranteed. Should you have further questions about our company or any of your tours, do not hesitate to contact us.