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26.-28.05.; 02.-04.06.; 16.- 18.06.;

30.06.- 02.07.; 28.- 30.07.; 18.- 20.08.2006

The Amber country of Lithuania is mysterious and beautiful. Its powerful and dynamic history, famous basketballers, potato dishes and smoked fish, roadside wooden crosses, tiny chapels and prevalent catholic faith make it an interesting place to visit.

Day 1: Leave Tallinn at 06.00 in the morning, drive through Pärnu and along the old Via Baltica. We cross the border with Latvia in Ikla and then drive through the small country of Latvia as well. After arrival to Lithuania the first place to visit will be Shiauliai - the biggest and most important cultural and industrial center of Northern Lithuania. Just out of the city on the left bank of Kulpe River is the mysterious looking site of an old Jurgaiciai fortress, known better as a Mountain of Crosses. In 1863 people started raising crucifixes there and this is still a strong custom that has made it into a real forest of crosses. After seeing that we'll continue to Palanga. Accommodation to a hotel in the centre of this popular resort town of famous white sandy beaches, pine forests, mud spas, botanic gardens, wooden crafts and friendly people. A sightseeing tour of the town: churches, beach, Basanaviciaus Street with its endless bars, pubs and cafés where an endless party goes on. There will be prenty of restaurants and eating places to choose from for a delicious, cheap and interesting dinner.


Day 2: Breakfast. After that we'll drive out to the peninsula of Kurzeme. The part belonging to Lithuania bears the name of Neringa. Its banks are rinsed by the wateres of the Kurzeme Bay and the Baltic Sea. 50km long road winds through the peninsula and is sided by many small settlements. Everybody who loves the sea, sand dunes, beach, forests and old spectacular architecture will adore the place. We will visit the old village of Nida as well as Parnidžio sand dunes and Juodkrante Hill of Witches. Lunch. After that we'll go to see the 3rd largest city of Lithuanina: Klaipeda. Its most beloved place to see is Klaipeda Marine Museum and Aquarium, which is situated in the restaured 19.c. castle. It's a big complex with extensive collections and the best thing about it is the magnificent show of dolphins and sea lions. Night at the same hotel in Palanga.


Day 3: Breakfast. Free time to enjoy the beach and the city. Around noon we'll get on our way back towards Estonia. On the way we'll make a short hop into the capital of Riga - to enjoy its most famous and beloved restaurant and entertainment center of Lido. It is a huge buffet restaurant with countless attractions, shops and activities around it. Arrival back home late at night.